Why Did I Start a Business?

Recently, we conducted a survey that gave us valuable feedback on current homepreneurs and another on potential ones.  This post recaps a variety of reasons people gave for starting their own self-directed careers.

  • A business opportunity fell in my lap.  I was doing pro-bono website development work to gain experience.  Someone approached me about paying me to be their web developer and I jumped at the opportunity.
  • It seemed like the best alternative at the time, and I was tired of asking permission to grow as in a corporate setting.
  • Business started while working full time in the corporate world. Many hours in the evenings and week ends. Eventually switched to full time Financial Planning business as clients kept coming to me by God’s mercy.
  • To make a positive difference in society.
  • My first self-employment venture was actually as a limited partner in a family owned business.  However, the real draw for my consideration to be self-employed was the indendence of being my own boss with unlimited earning potential.
  • Cannot manage a normal job in office.
  • At my previous job with a Big Pharma the 14 hr days were expected and not appreciated.  So, I decided to pour all that time and energy into my own business.
  • Have better control over what I did and who I worked for.
  • To help people get healthy.

Perhaps one of the reasons above is something one can identify with or maybe another provides the spark.

Whichever the case or whatever the reason, what are you waiting for?  Start your own business today!


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