More Home Business Ideas

I spoke with a friend this afternoon and learned that her position will be eliminated in February, 2011.  This is a triple hit for her:  The job market is tough, she is a divorcee, and has younger children at home.   Sue’s story reinforced my determination to make Homepreneurs valuable and helpful to as many as possible.

Today’s work-at-home suggestions are dedicated to Sue, may she discover a career, job or calling that fits her life and needs.

1) Web Designer – this position may create, design and/or maintain Internet web pages for individuals or organizations, public or private.  Work experience is desirable and some training is often needed.  Community colleges offer web design classes at reasonable prices.  People interested in this career should maintain a portfolio of previous work.  Excellent information at –

2) Massage Therapist – an individual in this field may work as an independent contractor for companies, out of the home or at client sites, home or other.  Many states require licensing and training programs are offered various locations.  Hourly rates range in urban areas from $60 to $100.  See for more information.

3) Repair and Restoration Services – this field can include fixing everyday items such as lawnmowers and lamps to restoring antiques, homes or offices.  This position may involve working solely at home or on location at a client’s site.  More information about these positions at

Please don’t get frustrated by the search – a position exists that fits your life and style.  We’ll keep posting new ideas and invite our readers to include some of their own.  Best wishes!


3 Responses to More Home Business Ideas

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  2. derric says:

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  3. Aaron says:

    Thanks for the insights on starting a home business! I have implemented some of these ideas already and found them to be quite useful.

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