Welcome to Homepreneurs!

What the heck is a “homepreneur”?  Though not found in a dictionary, the term has entered the English lexicon and reflects a combination of the word “home” and “entrepreneur.”

Many needs exist for working from home either full-time or part-time.  We intend to provide information, opportunities, links, opinions, news, polls, and general tips about starting and operating a home-based business.  This blog represents the first step in this effort; a full web site is under development – homepreneurs.biz – and will launch by August 1.  We have a Twitter site and a Facebook page as well and a presence on Ning.com.

Though we will offer some products and/or services for sale, Homepreneurs is not intended for high-profit or as a high-profile operation.  Our goal is to help those needing legitimate work-at-home opportunities for little to no charge .   We’ve been unemployed and have many friends and acquaintances in similar circumstances.  We feel opportunities are available and want to assist in creating your own version of “Me, Inc.”

Please feel free to comment, provide feedback or suggestions, or ask questions.  We may not have all the answers, but someone out there does and we’ll help you find it.

Our very best wishes for your success,

Melanie & Dion

email: homepreneurs@gmail.com


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