Start Your Business NOW! – The 8 Keys to Success

July 23, 2013

We’ve noticed that a growing number of readers of Homepreneurs blog are taking the time to visit Jeff Williams Homepreneurs page on

But, we also notice that some of you are holding  back on registering to join Jeff on August 1st when he launches his special Start Your Business NOW! Start-Up Program just for Homepreneurs readers.

To show you even more clearly exactly how the Start NOW! program guides you to successfully launch your new business, Starting today, Jeff will be sending out a series of eight posts on  Homepreneurs blog, each describing one of his “8 keys to success”.

Here’s the first step.

You must connect to the marketplace.

There are four basic parts to this process, which combines your experience,skills and personal interest into one written planning document describing your marketing strategy.

You need to be able to describe:

1. Exactly what you will sell.

2. What problem you will solve or need met with what you want to sell.

3. Your solution to the problem and why it is better than your competition’s offer.

4. Who is most likely to pay for your superior solution, and the main benefits they receive from doing do.

If you want to share in this street-smart. award-winning business planning process that will guide you through each of the eight key steps, you need to register for Jeff’s special Start Your Business NOW! Start-Up Program, starting on August 1st.  For more information and to register, click

Come back to Homepreneurs Blog tomorrow to share the second key to success.

Homepreneurs.  New Day.  New Opportunity.

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176 Ways to Find a Great Business Idea – Get your FREE Ebook

July 8, 2013

Our new collaborator, Jeff Williams of Bizstarters, is pleased to offer each member of the Homepreneurs Community a free copy of his very popular ebook: “Earn Big From What You Already Know” in which he presents 176 different ways to turn your experience and interests into a fun and highly rewarding new business.

This month Jeff is celebrating twenty-five years coaching new entrepreneurs and he wants to give YOU a present!

He’s offering his award-winning Start Your Business NOW! Start-Up School at a special low price to celebrate his business anniversary.

To request your free ebook and take advantage of the anniversary special, go to


How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Great Business

July 1, 2013

by Jeff Williams

The number one ground rule that I advise my clients to set is: pick an activity for your business that you love doing.

The way some folks assure that they will be starting a business that they love is to convert a hobby into a profit-producing enterprise.

This can be an intelligent way to get started, but first you should answer some key questions.

Read the rest…


We’re Pleased to Join with a Start-Up Pro

June 26, 2013

You’ve asked for help with starting a home business, and I am pleased to respond…

Over the past few months, I’ve received a number of requests from members of the Homepreneurs community on how to get advice and expert help in planning a new business, step by step.

In keeping with Homepreneurs mission of sharing the most practical how-to tips and techniques with our readers, I approached an entrepreneurial friend in the Chicago area for his expert input.

Jeff Williams is Chief Coach for, selected by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine as “The Best Entrepreneurial Guide”. Jeff and his network of expert business start-up coaches have been guiding new entrepreneurs for the past twenty-five years…more than 4,000 to date.

When I shared your requests with Jeff, he suggested that we start our new relationship with Bizstarters by presenting four how-to articles he has written, describing in detail how to use your connections, ideas, expertise and hobby interests to identify a business idea really well suited to you.

Starting in the next day or so, I will post the first of the four articles, followed each day by one of the remaining three articles. All articles include a link to the Bizstarters website where you will find a diverse selection of business start-up tips, checklists, podcasts and valuable online links.

Jeff is celebrating twenty-five years of being his own boss, and you will find a special offer on his website:


Reasons Every Startup Should Blog

May 29, 2013


Are you a startup? Start with a blog!

Originally posted on CAHOOTS:

start up blog

A blog is a great way to open up the dialogue between your startup and the online community.  It is something we (Cahoots) have been doing for a few months now while we refine our concept and product.  Our blog has been a fantastic tool, asset, and outlet for us.  We are attracting a growing audience to engage with on a regular basis. As it turns out the biggest advantage isn’t the traffic, it’s the thought, research, feedback, and encouragement that blogging gives us.  Therefore, we recommend blogging as a cornerstone to any startup.  Here’s why:

1.  The Edge: As of December 2012, there are over 634 million websites (Pingdom).  There are an average of 150,000 new websites and 7.3 million pages added to the internet everyday. A blog is just one more way to get an edge and stand out from the competition. Research has found…

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